Energetic Calculator for Ancient Buildings - EnCAB

Acknowledgements and Support

NEH & Mellon

Thanks go to the NEH and the Mellon Foundation for their financial support within the framework of the Digital Publications Fellowship program.


Thanks go to IIMAS, the International Institute for Mesopotamian Area Studies for their financial and scientific support through a consolidating grant, and for the use of the photographs on this site.

Alexandria Archive Institute

Thanks go to the Alexandria Archive Institute for hosting the project, as well as a particular thanks to Sarah Whitcher Kansa and Eric Kansa for their suggestions and support.


Thanks go to TOPOI for hosting a portion of the project which was carried out in Berlin at the Freie Universitaet, and in particular to Prof. E. Cancik-Kirchbaum for her enthusiastic support for the project and for including the PI in the B2 group.

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